Sorry if the title of this page deceived you; this isn't really interesting at all. All it is is things like awards, webrings, clubs, adopted things, etc. I'm not really into all that stuff but everyone accumulates a few such things... ^_^;;

Fire and Water

Jun Superior Award

Pikachu Master badge

Rocket Gang good site

Woohoo! I got reviewed as a 'good site' by the Rocket Gang... *is happy* ^_^.

Celadon City Gold Award

I have a cool site!!!!
I have won the PokéSplash Wave Award!
This proves that I obviously put a lot of work to my page!

Congratulations Leto!

Awarded by: The PokéSplash Club

Lead Badge

I was an Anipike site of the week for 2/1/99. ^_^.


Isn't she cute? ^_^. This is a great Pokemon adoption agency. Help make a difference in a poor misfit's life! ^_^. (The Jigglypuff and Omanyte were cute, but something just attracted me to the idea of an antlered Diglett. ^_^.)

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